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1.What is NANDAWUN?
NANDAWUN is a Pali word for "PARADISE IN HEAVEN". NANDAWUN , a trendy shop situated ON Baho Road offers one-stop shopping for travelers, as well as whole sale exports for dealers all over the world. Nandawun was developed 9 years ago as “Nandawun Handicraft Centre” by a Burmese who love and appreciate traditional Burmese crafts. It offers best products of Myanmar with the best service to our customers.

2.Where is NANDAWUN's location?
No.55, Baho Rd., Corner of Baho Road (Shan Road) & Ahlone Road,(near Eugenia Restaurant), Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel: (951) 221 271, 212 409, Fax: (951) 524 580

3.What is your objectives?
Our main objectives in setting up this web-site is to show the world that our country is rich in culture, art and architecture and to make Myanmar traditional arts and crafts better known worldwide.

4.Do you serve special features? If yes, what are these?
Yes, we do.Nandawun is the first ever development of a web-site from Myanmar. Moreover, is one & only web site on Burmese crafts at present in most comprehensive manner. It offers Burmese crafts as much variety as possible. Products were developed by traditional Burmese craftmen who use authentic and traditional methods.
Our web-site has over 2000 photos of Myanmar arts and crafts objects which were taken by professional photographers. Crafts from all four corners of the country can be obtained in one place including crafts of ethnic groups like Shan, Kachin & etc.

5.What items are on sales?
Tapestries, the gold embroidered and appliqued motifs and scenes on a background of velvet. A workshop is set up actually on the grounds so you can see how its done.Lacquerware, the thousand- years old traditional craft of that old city of Bagan; the designs are also customized, copies of the very ancient works now in the Lacquer Museum of Bagan. These designs you will not find anywhere else.
Silks of all colours, weave and texture; from Mandalay, the thick and ornately beautiful; from Inle, the Sea in the Mountains, thin, smooth and light silks in all colours of the spectrum.Pret a porter in silk, cotton, ethnic weaves; ties; scarves. Authentic tribal gearcostumes, decorative headdresses beads, necklaces, armlets, bracelet; jewelry worn by both women and warriors.Wood carvings: figurines, screens, wall plaques, both old and new. Also made to order. Paintings done on silk and cotton, replicas of those found in ancient manuscripts and wall paintings of old temples. Marionettes, the complete 28 characters of Myanmar Stage, in gorgeous costumes.

6.Who are the partners of you?
Almost all the famous craft men are Nandawun partners. Nandawun deals with all our craft men by supporting financially as well as socially.
Nandawun selectively choose various crafts from many craft workshops all over the country. All the crafts from Nandawun are directly from the source and not from third party. In other words, Nandawun is the one stop shopping for retail buyers as well as wholesale exports.
In summary, Nandawun partners and suppliers are directly from the source and workshops situated all over the country.

7.How can I process my order?
Click on Our Main Categories to order for your favorite collection. All your ordered items will be accumulated in your shopping cart. Then you can decide the quantity you would like to purchase by simply keying in the quantity.

8.How can I pay to you?
You can pay via the followings ways:
(i) Wire Transfer or Send a cheque to a bank of your choice.
     We have accounts in the following places.
     a. U.S.A: Bank of America
     b. U.K: Barclay Bank
     c. Singapore: Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) (Important Notice: All bank charges have to          be paid by buyers)
(ii) Payment by all major credit cards via PayPal.com
     https://www.paypal.com/click/business=mbcbook@myanmarbook.com which has users of more      than 20 millions at present day. Safety and security measures are given as the first priority with      PayPal.
     For more information, please visit      https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=mbcbook@myanmarbook.com
Orders supplied by Nandawun will be charged for freight & handling depending on weight or volume of your order.Please indicate by which way you want to ship. i.e. (courier service or air freight or sea freight).Customers are liable to pay for all bank charges impose by your bank. Please do not send the payment together with your order since some of the goods may be out of stock. Nandawun will issue an invoice depending on the availability of the crafts. Individual orders have to make the payment on receipt of the invoice. The goods will be shipped only after receiving payment from individual orders.

9.How do you send the items?
We normally send the items by courier service or air freight. But, for wholesale exports in bulk order, we can send them by air freight or sea freight.

10.How long will it take to receive the items?
If a courier service (DHL, DPE or OCS) is used, items can be arrived within 5 days to any destination in the world.
As for air freight, it will take about 5 working days. Regarding to the sea freight, it will take about 4 weeks to Europe, 6 weeks to U.S.A, 2 weeks to Japan and 1 week to Singapore.

11.What happen if you don't receive our order?
This rarely occurs. If it does, we will either pay back to you what you paid to us or we will send the replacement item. That's simple.

12.What happen if the item is different from what I order?
We will refund to you or send a correct replacement item to you. You need to send back the wrong item to us and we will pay for the cost.

13.What is your return and refund policy?
Regarding to "Return & Refund Policy", Nandawun provides the 30 days “ Money Back Guarantee” if the customer is not satisfied with our goods or our service. But, customer has to provide the adequate information on returning the products.

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