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About Us
      One of the last countries to open up to the world, Myanmar offers refreshing and unspoiled delights to the jaded travelers. The glorious, golden spire of the Shwedagon Pagoda, the beautiful, ancient temples of Bagan, the Royal pavilions and old monasteries of Mandalay, the Inland Sea called Inle to name a very few of the sights. The people are friendly and hospitable. The food is not too spicy and not too sweet. The crafts, the silks, the paintings, the curious are unbelievable in their variety. The opening of the country meant that old crafts of woodcarving, weaving, etc were revived. Gold and silversmiths had their profession uninterrupted, and they carry on the thousand- year tradition of exquisite work.
Palaces and grand monasteries of the old days were beautifully decorated with carved motifs of floral and mythical creatures, so woodcarving is yet another craft that survived. Others are embroidering gold thread and applique work on velvet, the traditional tapestries: lacquerware, the strong and flexible all- organic cups, tray, bowls etc., made in Bagan; the rich silk woven in Mandalay and in Inle. The two styles are completely different. Myanmar marionettes in their ornate costumes look great sitting on a corner table; a minister marionette in his high red hat may impart wisdom, while a celestial king in a gold crown bring good fortune.
Brief History
NANDAWUN , the biggest privately owned craft centre in Myanmar offers one-stop shopping for travelers, as well as whole sale exports for dealers all over the world. Nandawun was developed 15 years ago as “Nandawun Handicraft Centre” by a Burmese who love and appreciate traditional Burmese crafts. It offers best products of Myanmar with the best service to our customers. Therefore, within the last 15 years, we can open up our branch outlets at the following places:
    Yangon: National Museum (all counters inside the building)
    Bagan : Wat Kyi In, “Nandawun: Myanmar Craft Centre
                  Thiripyitsaya Sarkura Hotel in Bagan (the best hotel there)
Moreover, we are distributing our crafts to all the major hotels in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan which are the main tourist attraction site. Now, we are running our shops with 40 permanent staffs who are working hard under the following department:
    Purchasing Dept.
    Distributing Dept.
    Technical Dept.
    Sales Dept.
With the development of the Internet and E-commerce, our management staffs realized that we have to develop online trading. With the experience of our mother company, Myanmar Book Centre Co., Ltd,(www.MyanmarBook.com) which is selling books on Myanmar (both newly published and rare and out-of- print books) on the Internet, we can easily start our on-line business in a short time.
Our Objectives
Our main objectives in setting up this web-site is to show the world that our country is rich in culture, art and architecture and to make Myanmar traditional arts and crafts better known worldwide.
Items on Sale
Tapestries, the gold embroidered and appliqued motifs and scenes on a background of velvet. A workshop is set up actually on the grounds so you can see how its done.

Lacquerware, the thousand- years old traditional craft of that old city of Bagan; the designs are also customized, copies of the very ancient works now in the Lacquer Museum of Bagan. These designs you will not find anywhere else.

Silks of all colours, weave and texture; from Mandalay, the thick and ornately beautiful; from Inle, the Sea in the Mountains, thin, smooth and light silks in all colours of the spectrum.

Pret a porter in silk, cotton, ethnic weaves; ties; scarves.

Authentic tribal gearcostumes, decorative headdresses beads, necklaces, armlets, bracelet; jewelry worn by both women and warriors.

Wood carvings: figurines, screens, wall plaques, both old and new. Also made to order.

Paintings done on silk and cotton, replicas of those found in ancient manuscripts and wall paintings of old temples.

Marionettes, the complete 28 characters of Myanmar Stage, in gorgeous costumes.

Special Features
Nandawun is the first ever development of a web-site from Myanmar. Moreover, is one & only web site on Burmese crafts at present. It offers Burmese crafts as much variety as possible. Our web-site has over 1000 photos of Myanmar arts and crafts objects which were taken by professional photographers. Crafts from all four corners of the country can be obtained in one place including crafts of ethnic groups like Shan, Kachin & etc.

Nandawun gets crafts directly from the villages all over the country as follows:

Lacquer wares from Pagan where we have our own production site. Moreover some of our products are from Kyaukkar Village which is near Shwebo and Mandalay.

Nandawun partners with Marlar Khine Silversmith which has (20) years experience in this field. Raw material which is known as “Baw” or “Silver of finest quality” are received from the “Baw Sine” silver mine in the Shan State. We produce new designs as well as modify traditional designs in Yangon where we have our silversmith. Brooch, pendant, ring, necklace, bracelet and other small silver items are made in Yangon whereas big pieces like silver bowls, boxes and harps are made in Ya-htaung village near Sagaing and the Shan State.

Puppets, ivory products, woodcarvings and bronze waresare from Mandalay, the centre of Myanmar traditional crafts.

Textile products are made in Amarapura, Mandalay and Inlay Lake. Some of the tribal products like Ah-kar cloths are obtained from Kengtung which is close to the border between Burma and Thailand. Nandawun has regular suppliers from these area and they usually come down to Yangon to supply us. Please note that we never get the products from agents so that we can sell at the cheapest prices.

Mother of Pearl and other pearl products are made in Mergui.

Based on traditional designs Nandawun also produces many new unique designs. For example, many new designs of lacquer wares and silver wares are modified and developed by us and they are patented under current Myanmar law.

We also welcome any customized designs as a gift or decoration with any customized logo.

We guarantee that our products are of the best quality with most reasonable price. Moreover, we have a good refund scheme. We accept “30 days money back guarantee” to our customers who wish to return their purchased products if they are not satisfied.

Our Management Team
Management staffs include many experts and knowledgeable persons on Burmese crafts. Moreover, our in-house Technical Team has five permanent computer experts on web and other designing technique. Our Export Team” has experts persons on packing and freight forwarding to any part of the world.

Recommendation, Suggestion and Complaint We warmly welcome your recommendation and suggestion. Moreover, your complaints can be sent to us anytime. Your questions on any kind of Burmese crafts are also welcome.If you have further questions, please contact to:

Managing Director
Nandawun Myanmar Gems & Handicrafts Centre
No.55, Baho Rd.,
Corner of Baho Road & Alone Road,
Ahlone Township,
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel : (951) 221-271, 212-409
Fax : (951) 524-580
Email : mbcbook@myanmar.com.mm
Website : www.MyanmarHandicrafts.com

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